At LNER, we’re passionate about finding ways to help our people to focus on their core purpose and expertise by speeding up the day to day tasks that take up too much time. Our people are key to delivering an exceptional experience, so we're looking for solutions that unlock their potential, every step of the journey. 

Key questions

Some of the key questions we're looking to solve:

  • How can we use automation effectively to improve efficiencies in our day-to-day operations and allow colleagues to focus on customer experience and value-add activities?

  • What tools can we provide to our employees that puts the relevant information and data at their fingertips, enabling them to provide a world-class service to our customers?

  • What solutions can help unlock our employees’ true potential, empowering them to provide a world class customer service to our customers?

Potential use cases

Here are some of the areas of innovation that we're looking to explore: 

Digitising the Workforce

  • Solutions that will provide our teams with real-time information to support communications with our customers.

  • Solutions that will enable us to better understand our customers at multiple touch points from bookings through to marketing, sales and enquiries.

  • Solutions that enable employees to better understand the flow of information during disruption and how to share this across the board with their customers.

  • Innovations that will give employees the control to automate or the ability to focus on the areas of their daily job that can transform customer experience.

  • Technology that replaces internal manual processes to improve efficiency and insight, simplifies business reporting and  improve collaboration.

Personalising Workforce Training

  • Innovations using an immersive experience to elevate employee engagement and training enabling LNER to scale this solution across the board and TOCs.

  • Technologies that empower our employees to effectively communicate with each other through a consistent channel / channels, ensuring critical information is received in a timely manner, and enabling colleagues to share ideas, best practice, opportunities and thoughts in a secure environment. 

Utilising Resources

  • Solutions that will enable us to ensure that the right colleagues are in the right place at the right time to deliver a brilliant customer service.