We believe LNER trains have the potential to offer so much more so we’re on a mission to leverage our existing assets to create an immediate impact for the business. Whether it’s monetising our assets or finding new ways to create value we seek to make the most of opportunities to generate revenue.

Key questions

Some of the key questions we're looking to solve:

  • What disruptive models can we explore to become a ‘destination discovery’ platform that goes beyond just rail travel?

  • How can we become a marketplace with offerings that encompass the end-to-end journey information and options, to encourage more people to travel by train?

  • How can we increase revenue by expanding the range of services we offer to customers before, during and after the ‘train’ element of their journey?

  • How can we encourage more customers to book directly with LNER by offering more attractive end-to-end products, services and benefits, exploiting the opportunities of LNER and Northern services?

  • How can we make better use of the space in our stations? 

  • How can we support LNER's transition to using environmentally friendly energy?

Potential use cases

Here are some of the areas of innovation that we're looking to explore: 

Bundling Services

  • Solutions that offer aggregators for multiple services, for example accommodation and entertainment options, allowing customers to tailor their end-to-end experience. 

  • Technologies that effectively integrate products and services to increase spend per trip, for example pre-ordering food, car park utilization, and ticket upgrades.

  • Solutions that will generate revenue through cross selling opportunities, for example luggage transport or storage for leisure travellers across different operators.

New and Improved Products & Services

  • Solutions that provide improved entertainment options for leisure customers and families while they are travelling with LNER.

  • New products and services that simplify ticketing, travel information and in station or onboard retail, encouraging more customers to book and travel with LNER.
    Solutions that optimise and personalise the check-in process based on customer preferences.

  • Solutions that enable us to better utilise space in our stations. 

Environmental Sustainability

  • With an ambition to be renowned for  world-class customer experience in rail travel and beyond, how can LNER diversify their offering to increase revenue whilst continuing to enhance their sustainability efforts?

  • Solutions that evaluate and mitigate sustainability-related risks (emissions, safety, environmental) during the transition from fuel to electric energy, and set a path to deliver fee-based services to other providers.