At LNER, we're on a mission to encourage more people to travel by train. We realise that other modes of transport have  their advantages, so we're relentlessly looking for solutions which can make our trains more comfortable, convenient and safe - to change behaviour, and reduce journeys by car and plane, that could be made with LNER. 


Every train journey reduces pollution in our air and congestion on our roads. While cars offer a level of comfort, convenience and isolation, we believe LNER trains have the potential to offer so much more.


We’re looking for digital services and solutions that will change behaviour & challenge habits, to encourage more people to travel by train. 


As part of this brief, we’re open to a range of solutions; from using data to better target non-rail users, to expanding the range of services we offer to passengers before, during and after the ‘train’ element of their journey.

Key questions

Some of the key questions we're looking to solve:

  • How can we encourage more customers to book directly with LNER by offering innovative products and services?

  • How can we reduce overcrowding and balance train loads through better communication and incentives?​

  • How can we understand more about 'unknown' passengers that buy online through third party intermediaries or in person at a ticket office?

  • How can we interact more effectively with passengers who travel with us, but do not book directly?

  • How can we better cater to significant niches, such as group bookings, business travellers and students?

  • How can we offer a more holistic passenger journey, personalised to the individual’s needs

  • How can we help restore confidence and help customers feel safe against whilst travelling by train post-COVID 19?

  • How can LNER encourage a modal shift from intercity car and plane commuters to using LNER services?

Potential use cases

Here are some of the areas of innovation that we're looking to explore: 

New and improved products & services

  • Improved tools for business travellers (including SMEs and startups) which improve the productivity of passengers while they are travelling with LNER; including networking solutions and productivity tools.

  • New products and services that will encourage more passengers to book and travel with LNER, simplifying retailing, fares and information. 

Encouraging modal shifts

  • Solutions that can test market appetite for finding better matches with new travelling and working patterns.

  • Solutions that can help deliver end-to-end mobility (to and from the station) A-B + C-D.

  • Solutions that improve utilisation of off-peak services by encouraging passengers to use trains with spare capacity, and create space for new passengers on peak services, thereby reducing levels of crowding.

  • Technology that can improve capacity utilisation.


  • Technologies that effectively integrate products and services to increase spend per trip, for example pre-ordering food, car park utilization, and ticket upgrades.

  • Improved tools for business travelers (including SME’s and startups) which improve the productivity of passengers on trains (e.g. networking solutions, productivity tools).

  • Solutions that optimise and personalise the check-in process based on customer preferences.

  • Technologies that provide insights and connections to customers who book through intermediaries. 

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