At LNER, we're passionate about delivering a world class experience. We’re looking for innovations that will give customers the control to curate their own experiences, based on their individual needs


When people have an exceptional travel experience, it transforms their day. Our ambition is to deliver the world's best customer experience; not just in the rail industry or the travel sector, but the best in the world. ​

Customers' needs vary based on their journey occasion. We want to be able to tailor these needs, giving customers the control and ability to ‘self-serve’. 


Our people are key to delivering an exceptional experience, so we're looking for  solutions that help unlock their potential, every step of the journey.

Key questions

Some of the key questions we're looking to solve:

  • What tools can LNER provide that put our customers in control and allow them to self-serve?

  • What solutions can help unlock our employees true potential to enable them to provide a world class customer service to their customers?

  • What technologies, products and services can LNER implement to support the ‘Station of the Future’ ?

  • What platforms and technologies will enable LNER to optimise our catering supply chain whilst continuing to enhance our sustainability efforts?

Potential use cases

Here are some of the areas of innovation that we're looking to explore: 

Personalising workforce and customer tools

  • Solutions that will provide our teams with real-time information to support communications with our customers.

  • Solutions that will enable us to better understand our customers at multiple touch points from bookings through to marketing, sales and enquiries.

  • Solutions that offer a location-based check-in process, leveraging customer location and/or preferences (before travelling, at the station and onboard).

  • Technology that allows customers to 'check in' to LNER manually or automatically to enhance their experience.

Station of the Future

  • Innovative ways to make our stations more customer focused and useful for both rail users and the communities they live in.

  • Solutions that will improve and increase revenue generated from stations

  • Providing our passengers with real-time and informative information in times of commute and disruption.

Catering and supply chain

  • Technologies that will enable our customers to order food and drink from their seat or ahead of their journey, with catering delivered straight to their seat for an onboard personalised experience.

  • Supply chain solutions that offer improved stock management and prediction capabilities with robust catering delivery services and in journey troubleshooting capabilities.

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