At LNER, we’re committed to improving the customer and colleague experience and collaborating with our partners across the industry. We want to ensure that we are improving the connection and collaboration with Northern Rail as well as other partner businesses.

Key questions

Some of the key questions we're looking to solve:

  • How can we better serve customers with accessibility needs in an inclusive way?

  • How can we empower our staff to better liaise with each other through a fully integrated data collaborative / comms / intelligence platform?

  • What tools can we provide to simplify communication for customers to feel more confident before and while they are travelling with LNER?

  • How can we ensure that we support a customer's journey from end to end, irrespective of operator(s) involved?

  • How can we link transport with tourism experiences to maximise staycation trends?

Potential use cases

Here are some of the areas of innovation that we're looking to explore: 

Improved Accessibility

  • Solutions that help vulnerable people navigate in stations and trains without sole reliance on tactile paving and staff assistance; for example through visual/audio indicators or proximity sensors.

  • Innovations that help raise awareness of customers and/or employees who may need assistance and help them quickly access  appropriate support.

Cross-System Connection

  • Technologies that offer location-based information to help optimise resources in real-time.

  • Simplified communication tools that help customers to feel more confident before and while they are travelling with LNER.

  • Technologies that offer intelligence sharing between teams, for example enabling improved route optimisation and better cross-functional collaboration.

  • Solutions that enable us to manage and monitor urgent issues and resolutions with our suppliers and partners  

Seamless Journeys for Customers

  • Solutions that create more seamless journeys for customers when travelling with multiple operators.

  • Solutions that allow LNER to offer bundled packages (e.g entertainment or catering options) that enable leisure travellers to explore the UK and benefit from a seamless ticketing experience across our two routes with Northern Rail.

  • Digital tools and/or devices that remove the barriers to travel by rail.